Relapse Prevention in Maumee, OH

Going through drug and alcohol addiction in Maumee only to enter rehab and come out the other side clean and sober can be a difficult experience. The sheer amount of work and focus that it can take a person can feel overwhelming. Once rehab is finished though, relapse prevention in Maumee is essential to keep addicts on the straight and narrow path.

No matter how long you've been clean or how much you want to stay away from drugs and alcohol, relapse is a very real possibility. The fact is that up to 50% or more of people who leave rehab will relapse at some point. You don't have to be part of that high statistic though -- if you do the right things.

Use this guide to learn more about relapse prevention programs and how they can help you from having to go through addiction and rehab again. Nobody wants to work so hard to beat drugs and alcohol only to find themselves and active addict again.

What is Relapse Prevention?

In the simplest terms, relapse prevention in Maumee is a strategy that is designed to keep addicts from using drugs and alcohol again. From established relapse prevention programs with a structured plan, to plans made with a counselor on your own, relapse prevention treatment programs are hugely beneficial for many addicts.

In many cases, relapse prevention programs are offered to addicts as they start to leave rehab, like a 30, 60 or 90 day inpatient treatment facility. However, not all addicts are able to take part in these programs for financial reasons. Time commitments and family obligations may also present a problem for some.

However, doing something to stay on top of relapse is essential for every single addict. If you don't stay ahead of the possibility of going through relapse, you may find yourself thinking about using again. Without a support system, it may be too late to turn back the clock.

Find out more about reputable relapse prevention treatment programs today if you're a recovered addict who wants to stay on top of their addiction. Relapse prevention programs are also beneficial for addicts going through outpatient care.

Why are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

Relapse prevention in Maumee doesn't get nearly as much attention as drug detox in Maumee, inpatient or outpatient treatment. For many addicts though, quality relapse prevention treatment programs are the difference between long-term sobriety and using again.

By taking part in relapse prevention in Maumee you can learn:

  • How to avoid situations where you may want to use.
  • Coping mechanisms and stress-relieving tools that will keep you from experiencing the desire to use as frequently.
  • Ways to avoid people who may be partially responsible for your addiction or desire to use drugs and alcohol in an irresponsible way.
  • How to spot warning signs that you may be headed for a relapse. Relapse prevention can help you avoid triggers that make you want to use drugs and alcohol and put you at risk for relapse as well.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

Relapse prevention programs are essential for addicts who want to stay clean. Many simply don't know where to turn or what programs are available to them though.

Common relapse prevention treatment programs include:

  • Sober living homes. Sober living homes are places where addicts who have gone through recovery life together to support one another. These types of living situations often allow addicts to get back to normal life with a support system around them that helps them stay clean and sober.
  • Halfway homes. These facilities allow users a safe, affordable space to live while still getting help for addiction. Many people follow 30, 60 or 90 day inpatient programs with admission to one of these facilities.
  • AA and NA meetings. Meeting groups where addicts can talk about their past and issues they face are often beneficial for the newly sober. These groups can also provide support for years to come.
  • Outpatient programs. Continued outpatient therapy is often ideal for individuals who have gone through inpatient programs. Outpatient treatment can help aid in further recovery, particularly in the case of long-term addiction.

No matter where you are in the fight against addiction, relapse prevention in Maumee can be hugely beneficial. Don't spend another day without a support system that you can rely on in your time of need. Call us at (877) 804-1531.

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