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Addiction is one of the hardest things you will ever struggle with. Trying to beat it on your own, through sheer force and willpower, likely isn't going to work. That's why our drug addiction treatment programs in Maumee are here to help you control an addiction that could destroy your life.

However, if you're like most people dealing with addiction, you don't really know what addiction treatment programs are available to you. The fact is that our treatment programs for addiction outside of detox and inpatient rehab in Maumee aren't widely discussed, despite being highly-effective for many people.

No matter what kind of addiction you're facing, and no matter how severe or seemingly minor, there are treatment programs in Maumee that can help. From helping you get clean to relapse prevention in Maumee, addiction treatment programs are on your side in the ongoing fight against substance abuse.

What is Drug Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction is a long-term disease that can be the result of many factors. As much as many people might want to blame willpower for addiction issues, there's often something deeper than an inability control drug or alcohol consumption.

The goal of many addiction treatment programs is to help people find the reason that they began abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. Once an addict understands the motivation behind abusing drugs or alcohol, many find it easier to avoid repeating the same behavior in the future.

A lot of addiction treatment programs also aim to give addicts coping skills and tools to avoid situations where they may want to use in the future. For many, stress, negative individuals and certain family situations can making using again much more likely. Whatever addiction issues you face, treatment programs in Maumee can help you from using in the future.

Types of Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Facing addiction on your own without any help can be nearly impossible. While some people have done it, treatment programs in Maumee can be very beneficial to individuals who want to quit using and stay clean and sober.

Treatment programs for addiction include:

  • Music therapy. Music therapy is designed to help people handle feelings related to addiction and the root causes of addiction without spoken words. In many cases, music therapy simply involves listening to music and letting oneself feel what comes naturally. Musical education and training is generally not essential to take part in this type of treatment program for addiction.
  • 12-step programs. 12-step programs are common and most people have a basic understand of what they are. In these treatment programs for addiction, a set of steps is provided to help the addict get control of their addiction. A great deal of emphasis is placed on relieving yourself of the burden that addiction can cause in your life, as well as in the lives of the people you care about. Many 12-step programs are designed for lifelong use and are not considered short-term solutions. Instead, they are a system to help you live your life clean and sober for good.
  • Family therapy. Family therapy is a type of program often involves counseling for the addict and the people that they are closest to. While family therapy generally focuses on close family members, friends and other close individuals are often included as a matter of course. Family therapy generally consists of talk therapy and exercises to help people cope with addiction and the pain it has brought them and those close to them. Family therapy is sometimes combined with other types of treatment programs in Maumee like music therapy or a 12-step program.

These are just a few of the treatment programs in Maumee that are available to you. From art therapy to moral recognition therapy (MRT), there are a wide variety of options that may speak to you.

To learn more about addiction treatment programs, you should contact a counselor or facility today. There are many different types of treatment programs for addiction. The most important thing is getting involved in one right away so you're not alone with your struggle against a long-term disease like addiction. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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