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With the help of Maumee Drug Treatment Centers, you will be provided with the highest standard of compassionate care and support by a team of addiction counselors at a drug and alcohol rehab center. We place a huge importance on providing patients with a calming, soothing environment to keep them focused on their recovery without any outside distractions or toxic forces, which is why we find them the best treatment facilities available.

Upon first arriving at one of these centers, you will be assessed through an intake interview so that an addiction counselor can create your perfectly customized treatment plan.

Our one-on-one therapies are an essential component of our treatment plans, in which most drug and alcohol rehabs combine holistic approaches with traditional ones. This, in turn, increases an addict's chance for a successful recovery, as the harmony between the two approaches have been proven to work wonders. A drug and alcohol rehab offers genuine and effective solutions towards beating your addiction once and for all.

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